Temporary Works at Sir John Rogerson's Quay

Lohan & Donnelly complete temporary works at SJRQ with Barnmore Demolition Ltd.

Lohan & DOnnelly were responsible for temporary works designs for formation of several new openings into an existing basement at SJRQ which required the temporary support and local demolition of existing primary structural columns supporting occupied office spaces. To prevent deflection and elastic shorteningmof temporary works leading to overallsettlement of the existing structural coulmns, the temporary works designs included hydraulic ramswhich allowed for pre-loading of the temporary works systems to pre-calculated loadings as determined during the design process. Accuracy of the pre-loading was essential as underestimation of loading could lead to settlement while over-estimation could lead to over jacking and lifting of existing structures. Pre-loading and demolition works were carried out in conjunction with vertical deflection monitoringof the existing columns to track vertical movements during and after the demolition works, with all operations completed successfully without significant vertical movements.

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